step in stone – Putting up work!

I had to decide what material I would use, which would be weather proof and would sustain a degree of bad weather. I was toying with the idea of mesh vinyl or Perspex, but these as test prints did not have the quality I was looking for! I then came across a company called ‘colourstudios’ in Haydon, near Radstock. They do ‘direct to media’ printing and also print for the RPS. They printed 11 A0 pictures onto a vinyl back which was then wrapped around aluminium composite. I was delighted with the result!
I then had to decide how to display these images in our 3 quarries. Halecombe working quarry can be subjected to high winds! I decided to use steel concrete re-enforcing bars, 20mm for the uprights so they wouldn’t bend! 16mm for the cross bars. The pictures would then be suspended along the top bar and be able to swing in order to avoid the flag effect! This has worked very well, although we did have to relocate 2 of them to a more sheltered spot. At Westdown/Asham disused quarry, the rain was lashing it down and Hansons kindly provided a team of very helpful men with a big drill which was very useful as we were on bedrock! I am really pleased how the pictures look in situe. The re-enforcement bars look very fitting in a quarry context. In October we put up in Fairy Cave Quarry and Black Swan Arts, Frome, for the grand finale!
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