step in stone – producing work

‘step in stone’ is a platform where I explore creation and evolution, a geological timeline, past, present and future. Both disused and working quarries are significant with memory and myth. The quarry face holds the memory, the stone removed holds the myth of a landscape long gone. Halecombe inspires me to bring the ‘inside’ ‘outside’. The viewer interacts with the pictures by listening to the sounds of quarry workings. In Westdown/Asham’s vast enigmatic space I enquire the boundaries’ post industrial archaeology juxtaposed with geological history, bringing the ‘outside’ ‘inside’. Fairy Cave’s carboniferous slabs crack under the frozen waters of winter, changing, breaking and ageing though the seasons. I look at these fissures as signifiers of ageing, lines etched in the rock like lines on a face or the lifeline on the palm of a hand – there to be read by the lens of my camera.
1.Ocean floor – Halecombe Quarry ST 697474
2.Carboniferous Timeline – Halecombe Quarry ST 697474
3.Bunker – Westdown Quarry ST 717456
4.Two Histories – Westdown Quarry ST 717456

rockface WD1 WD2